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Roots Its Ya Roots - Collective Security - Tribute To Mandela (CD, Album)

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The post office had just opened, and the telephone was the latest technology creating a buzz in town. Addis Ababa was already taking shape as the diplomatic capital of Africa with the presence of several embassies representing all the major powers of the day — including the British, French, Russians and the Italians.

Ambassador Skinner had arrived in Ethiopia carrying draft copies of the very first U. The American Ambassador had quickly struck up a friendship with Menelik through a series of private meetings to iron out the details of the inaugural agreement between the two nations. According to Skinner, all prior business between the United States and Ethiopia had been conducted through a third party, often involving England, France or Italy. We have much to do. During a celebratory dinner, Skinner described how Menelik would send spicy Ethiopian food for them to taste.

His only regret, Ambassador Skinner admitted, is that he did not get a chance to meet with the legendary Empress Taitu. She has been several times married and became the wife of the present Emperor in They have no children.

This fact raises the question of succession in the mind of everyone visiting the empire. Back in the States, the treaty was passed by congress in less than three months, without any filibuster. It was signed by President Theodore Roosevelt in the Spring of He eventually moved to Maine where he died at the age of ninety-four.

Ambassador Skinner remains the chief architect of United States-Ethiopia relations. Emperor Menelik II passed away on December 12, , and a century later he still inspires books, movies, music, and political debates. It is fully set with rubies and diamonds, accompanied by its presentation case and the original First Class Geneva Observatory Certificate. In our series of letters from African journalists, Ismail Einashe takes a trip to Ethiopia to find out about a lost community.

My search for the last Armenians of Ethiopia began in Piassa, the bustling commercial centre of the old part of the capital, Addis Ababa. On previous visits to the city, I had always been intrigued by the snippets I had heard about the community and its history. There had long been a connection between Ethiopia and Armenia through the Orthodox Church. But this developed beyond priests, to bring in diplomats and traders.

And later, in the early 20th Century, a community settled that went on to have an economic and cultural impact in the country. On a sticky afternoon, I stood outside the gates of the exquisite St George Armenian Apostolic Holy Church that was built in the s.

A confused-looking elderly security guard came out and after I explained that I wanted to look around, he went to fetch Simon, the Armenian-Ethiopian caretaker. The church is rarely open, as there is no priest these days, and the community, of no more than , is mostly elderly.

This was the heart of the community that began to grow in numbers during the rule of Haile Selassie who, as Ras Tafari, became prince regent of Ethiopia in and Emperor from to Under his leadership, Ethiopia began to rapidly modernise and Armenian courtiers, businessmen and traders played an important role in this transition.

In , Ras Tafari visited the Armenian monastery in Jerusalem, where he met a group of 40 children who had been orphaned by the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One.

Moved by their plight, he asked the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem if he could take them to Ethiopia and look after them there. The 40 orphans, or arba lijoch in Amharic, were all trained in music and went on to form the imperial brass band of Ethiopia. Despite their small numbers they had a crucial role in ushering Ethiopia into the modern world — from helping to develop the distinctive Ethiopian jazz style to working as tailors, doctors, business people and serving in the imperial court.

Theresia de Vroom, a professor of English, the Marymount Institute of Faith, Culture and the Arts developed a deep partnership with the publisher. Since then, Elias has continued his work in service of Ethiopia, returning to his home country for the first time in nearly twenty-five years in Timothy Law Snyder, serves as the sixteenth President of Loyola Marymount University and has been a professor and administrator for nearly thirty years in Catholic Jesuit education.

The Battle of Adwa was a monumental event in African history as it resulted in a victory of Ethiopia over the Italians. It is the compound from which Emperor Menelik II conquered swaths of territory, where Haile Selassie passed judgment until he was toppled by a Marxist revolt in , and from which Meles Zenawi, strongman prime minister until his death in , plotted an Asian-style economic miracle on the Nile.

He mixes humour with a tactile arm-grab worthy of LBJ. His sentences, delivered in proficient English, are laced with biblical references, big data and Michael Jackson. And if you can change Addis, definitely you can change Ethiopia. Improving his own surroundings, he says, is a metaphor for the transformation of a country that has, for 15 years, been the best-performing economy in Africa, but whose authoritarian government provoked a sustained popular uprising.

On his first day, he says, he ordered an overhaul of his office. In two months, what had been a dark and austere interior became a blindingly white luxury-hotel-style affair, replete with wall-to-wall videoconferencing screens, modern art and sleek white rooms for cabinet meetings and visiting delegations.

Many Ethiopians see yesterday. Read the full article at ft. Organizers say the deadline to nominate a person for the award is December 3, If you know a woman who leads and inspires, you can send them your recommendation here.

Melaku Lakew. Hyattsville, Maryland. More info at www. Bayen and John Robinson: Ethiopia, U. The Washington Post. Then, on Sept. An interview with a public TV network was even canceled at the last minute, prompting the resignation of the journalist involved.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing controversial about Teddy Afro, born Tewodros Kassahun, and his traditionally influenced pop songs about love, unity and the glory of Ethiopia. His tunes have earned him a rapturous audience both at home and among the vast Ethiopian diaspora.

Courtesy photo. Moreover, Adwa became the symbol of anti-colonial struggles in Africa. With the decisive defeat of a colonial army, Adwa set the stage for unscrambling Africa. Adwa, as Rubenson correctly puts it, has become a seal of victory. It was a victory that signaled the beginning of the end of the European colonial agenda and operation in Africa. From their victories over invading Egyptians in the s, over Sudanese Mahdists in the s, and over Italians in the s, Ethiopians gained a reputation as spirited fighters determined to maintain sovereignty.

Ethiopian patriots crushed the colonial ambition of the Italian invaders at the Battle of Adwa. The victory was so decisive; it instantly became a symbol of hope and a concrete foundation for the realization of Pan-African solidarity and institution in Africa.

It was the deliberate plan of Europe to colonize the entire continent of Africa with the intent of exploiting its human and natural resources. The beginning of the end of the process of exploitation was ushered when the Ethiopian patriots stopped the Italian colonial ambition at the battlefield of Adwa. Adwa, therefore, signifies the valiant anti-colonial resistance and liberation of Africans in their immediate history. Adwa also signifies the renaissance and progress of Africa as it projects itself to March 1, is the one hundred twentieth anniversary of the historic battle victory at Adwa.

It is therefore a special anniversary. We use the special occasion to give thanks to our valiant patriots who paid extraordinary sacrifices to protect and defend our motherland.

We give thanks to our visionary leaders and vow to remember for generations to come their phenomenal accomplishments. We immediately identify with the 6, Ethiopian patriots who gave their lives on the battlefield of Adwa so that we continue to live free.

Our dignity and love of country are tied with the over 8, Ethiopian patriots who were wounded at the battlefield. There is no doubt that a seal of victory is achieved at Adwa because of unity and willingness of our people to defend the motherland. Unity was the correct stand then and it should be embraced as a correct stand now for economic, social and political progress. To make an emphasis on unity is not to push for some ideological or what some call chauvinistic agenda.

It is indeed to reiterate the historical truth forever recorded at the battlefield of Adwa. It was the united, voluntary and determined Ethiopian army that stopped the colonial ambition of the Italians over our country. Out of Adwa, there emerged a plural people called Ethiopians. Photo: By Ayele Bekerie. Victory at Adwa has informed the freedom narrative of the new Ethiopia and new Africa, free from colonialism. Adwa has paved the way for Pan-African economic, political and cultural activities.

New Ethiopia is a reference to the historic outcome of Adwa. Ethiopians from all corners of the country heeded the call of Emperor Menelik II and marched to Adwa. They fought and died at Adwa. Those who paid the ultimate sacrifice were from the northern and southern parts of the country.

They were from the eastern and western part of the country. It was a diverse but united force that expanded the meaning of Ethiopian identity. By the same token, it is fair to argue that the victory gave rise to a new Africa. It is new because it is a product of the many anti-colonial struggles. It is new because it gave rise to a Pan-African agenda that placed the interests of Africans at center stage.

The issue of who we are has been irreversibly solved at Adwa. A multiethnic and multicultural Ethiopia is our reality for good. Our plurality frames our sense of identity. Out of Adwa rises the importance of shared national identity. The task should be to perfect our diverse but united life and living. The task is also to address grievances and injustices borne out of our long history.

The task is to triangulate the individual, ethnic and religious rights by anchoring them to a constitutional framework. The task is to shy away from absolutist tendencies and practices and strive to build a just and democratic society. Adwa, at present, is engaged in fast and unprecedented urban development. High rise buildings and multilane boulevards are being built changing the face of the historic town.

It has come to our attention that some of the new infrastructure may have compromised the historic battlefield sites endangering the plan to register Adwa as a world heritage site. Urban development without heritage conservation at a minimum is tantamount to the desecration of the memories of our martyrs.

At a maximum, it is shortsighted, for it irreversibly destroys the required evidence for registering Adwa as a world heritage. It can be argued that the registry has the capacity to bring about sustainable economic benefits to the people of Adwa.

Adwa is a hallowed ground. At Adwa, a decisive and defining battle was fought and won. It is a sacred site that carries the bones and memories of our martyrs. It is a sacred site of immense solidarity and an expression of love of country.

One hundred twenty years ago, at a time when the entire African continent was under the dark cloud of European colonialism, Ethiopia turned the darkness into a new bright day.

A new day dawned on the majestic and eternal mountains of Adwa. Adwa has become, locally and internationally, a vocabulary of decolonization and independence.

Today, Africans are actively planning and implementing their Pan-African present and future in freedom. Pan-Africanism is no longer a dream.

It has become institutionalized and the African Union is an excellent example of what has been achieved so far. The establishment of the university may also expedite the registration of Adwa as world heritage. We have overcome many challenges in the past years in our quest to build a progressive nation.

We are facing new challenges at present. We are, however, bound to uphold the sanctity of our unity of plurality, informed by historic deeds at the Battle of Adwa, thereby striving to move forward. Diplomatic relations between the U. Likewise, President John F. In welcoming Haile Selassie to the U. Since His Majesty visited the United States nearly a decade ago we have seen one of the most extraordinary revolutions in history.

And that has been the appearance on the world scene of 29 independent countries in the short space of less than ten years, including over million people. And the success of that conference was due to in no small part to the leadership of our distinguished guest. His efforts to move his country forward to provide a better life for its people and his efforts throughout the world, which dates back over 30 or 40 years. For all of this your Majesty we take the greatest pride in welcoming you here.

You do us honor and I can assure you that there is no guest that we will receive in this country that will give a greater sense of pride and satisfaction to the American people than your presence here today.

Your Majesty, you are most welcome. Click here to listen to the complete audio of President John F. Ethiopia, an African country, defeated Italy, a European country. The defeat was decisive and the victory was permanent. More than , Ethiopian troops, who were led by Emperor Menelik II, were mobilized from all corners of the country and marched to victory at the battle that lasted less than half-a-day.

On March 1, , Ethiopians not only kept their sovereignty and independence, but they also taught a lesson to Italians, for that matter to European colonizers.

Adwa, therefore, marked the beginning of a new chapter of anti-colonialism and decolonization and end of colonial occupation in Africa and elsewhere. Adwa has demonstrated that Africans can and should always be perceived and accepted as subjects of their own histories and civilizations.

Their remarkable achievements have been recorded in many languages in the leading news outlets of the time. The libraries of the world have beefed up their shelves by including books about the Battle. When the people heeded the call of their leader, there were no mass media, no radio, and no television.

The historic march to Adwa took more than two months. Along the way to Adwa, fellow Ethiopians, those who had to remain behind assumed logistical roles and offered provisions, such as food and pack animals, to the troops.

The Italians were actually outnumbered and outmaneuvered and by mid-day the War was over and the Italians are rushing to surrender in thousands, as noted by Fitawarai Tekle Hawariat.

Adwa proves the common purpose and determination of the Ethiopians. It is an evidence for putting diverse human and natural resources into effective national use. It was an affirmation of what I call Ethiopian nation-ity with all its imperfections.

With Adwa, Ethiopians created a new Ethiopia that belongs to diverse ethnic and religious groups. It is the fundamental basis of our national unity. Ethiopians made it clear at Adwa that a people who are fully aware of their history are capable and willing to rise up and defend their God-given rights. Adwa will always remain a critical precursor to a just world. Adwa reminds the world that there cannot be a world order in which few are supreme and the majority are mere colonial subjects.

It is also a catalyst to the present push to national economic development in the country. In the months following the victory at Adwa, Emperor Menelik II signed treaties of friendship with major European powers of the time, such as Britain and France.

Ethiopia became a symbol of dignity, respect and freedom for Africans, for that matter, for all colonized people all over the world. The celebration of the victory at the Battle of Adwa is just and should take place both at home and abroad.

This is because Adwa celebrates the little people, the ignored, the neglected, the negatively stereotyped, the other, the oppressed and the colonized. The victory speaks to the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the people in the world. Adwa rhymes with justice, agency and human equality and therefore, once a year in March, it is celebrated with enthusiasm.

History is characterized by nuances and complexities and it is resistant to hasty generalizations. The full account of historical details enable historians to generate narratives of the past, which is a guide to the present and a source of vision to the future. Some like to cherry-pick only some aspects of historical truths and put them into political spin. I would like to argue that the attempt, in some circles, to discredit the gallant leaders of Adwa would be short-lived.

History is progressive and only a careful and studied analysis and interpretation of events and deeds help a society to move forward and to bring about peace, democracy and prosperity. The victory achieved at Adwa set the stage to our social, economic, and cultural history. The freedom and independence that we enjoy today are informed by the outcome at the battlefield of Adwa.

Adwa saved us from becoming an extension of colonial Italian history. Adwa made us remained ourselves. Adwa was possible because we were a people, a nation-state, that is, fully self-conscious. To conclude, we celebrate Adwa because it was a battle won to affirm the universality of human dignity. Human beings, regardless of their geographical locations and income levels, have certain inalienable rights, which cannot be violated by force.

We celebrate Adwa because it ushered to the world that the only peace acceptable is peace with justice. I would argue, in this regard, Adwa has made its contribution to what we call the modern world. We celebrate Adwa, as it is stated repeatedly, for it is a prelude to decolonization in Africa and elsewhere. We celebrate Adwa for it has charted a new paradigm in international relations and diplomacy.

Adwa is celebrated annually for it is an eternal symbol of dignity and freedom. President Barack Obama will host a historic summit, the first ever gathering of heads of state from across the African continent in Washington, D.

A diplomatic relationship formally began under President Theodore Roosevelt in when the first American diplomatic mission to the African continent arrived in Ethiopia to sign a commercial treaty with Emperor Menelik II. The White House notes that during the upcoming U. Instead, the administration will engage guests in group sessions focusing on various topics.

At its core, this Summit is about fostering stronger ties between the United States and Africa. An invitation was also extended to the African Union Chairperson. These sessions will set the stage for the high-level discussions that President Obama will chair during the subsequent Summit leader meetings. African and U. Department of Commerce and Bloomberg Philanthropies will co-host the first U.

Held at the Mandarin Oriental, in Washington, D. The Forum will focus on U. African leaders will engage with business executives from both sides of the Atlantic to engage in conversations about successes and solutions to increase trade with and invest in Africa.

White House Dinner on the occasion of the U. Obama will host a dinner at the White House for African heads of state and government and select guests. Leader Session II — Peace and Regional Stability A working lunch centered around shared concerns regarding peace and security, including a discussion of long-term solutions to regional conflicts, peacekeeping challenges, and combating transnational threats.

This session will focus on how to enhance governance in order to deliver services to citizens, attract and prepare for increased domestic and foreign direct investment, manage transnational threats, and stem the flow of illicit finance. Spousal Program On August 6, First Lady Michelle Obama, in partnership with former First Lady Laura Bush and the Bush Institute, will host a day-long spouses symposium at the Kennedy Center focused on the impact of investments in education, health, and public-private partnerships.

Side Events In order to leverage the presence in Washington, D. Through YALI, the United States is committing significant resources to enhance leadership skills, bolster entrepreneurship, and connect young African leaders with one another, with the United States, and with the American people. This program brings over young leaders to the United States each year, beginning in , for leadership training, academic coursework, and mentoring. It also creates unique opportunities in Africa, through internships and follow-on opportunities, to put those new skills to practical use in propelling economic growth and prosperity and strengthening democratic institutions.

It was the first time that a non-white people had defeated a European power. According to Teshale Tibebu, the victory the Ethiopians had achieved over Italy was different than other battles won by African forces. This was permanent. While Europeans saw the defeat as a real threat to their vast colonial empires in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean, the colonized subjects in these territories understood the event as the beginning of the end of colonialism.

Adwa as Davidson aptly puts it has become a prelude to decolonization in Africa. Clearly the victory at the Battle of Adwa lends itself to multiple meanings and interpretations, depending upon perspectives and stances in relation to colonialism. The purpose of this piece is to look into the interpretations of the event from the perspectives of the colonized and how the victory brought about the idea of global Ethiopia.

It can be argued that the Battle has further enhanced the symbolic significance of Ethiopia in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean. Ethiopia has become a symbol of the anti-colonial movements throughout the world. The Battle may have also given geographical and historical certitude to Ethiopia. The Battle of Adwa is another significant symbol in the imaginary of the idea of Ethiopia.

This paper looks into the symbolic importance of Adwa in the conception and development of pan-African solidarity and identity.

Ethiopia at the time of the Battle was a highly traditional empire-state where kings and nobilities ruled over a predominantly agrarian people. Modes of rules were not only dictated by customs and personal whims, they were also exploitative. Adwa then ushered a new paradigm to alter or reform the tradition, to replace it with a modern system of centralized and unified government.

While the symbolic significance of the Battle successfully echoed the call for freedom and independence and an end to colonial domination abroad, the full meanings of Adwa have yet to be fully realized within Ethiopia. Adwa suggests the power of indigenous multiple voices voluntarily cooperating to defeat and challenge the European colonial order.

Virtually all the regions, religions, linguistic groups, aristocrats and peasants pulled their resources together to formulate and execute a strategy of victory. By their actions the Ethiopians were not only affirming the power and immense possibilities of unity in diversity, but they were placing issues of freedom and internal reform at the top of the national agenda. Adwa necessitates a new set of directions interspersed with broader definition and application of freedom so that all those who participated in the Battle would be able to participate in the affairs of their country.

Adwa reminds the Shoan nobility to let freedom ring from northern highlands to the rift valleys, the river basins, the plain lush fields of Arussi and the salty Danakil depressions. Adwa presents a unique opportunity to reconfigure the empire-state. Unfortunately, absolutism and imperial glory overshadowed and undermined the emancipatory route suggested by the historic event of Adwa. Adwa presses on the monarchy to modernize and to let the people involve in the political process through constitutional means.

Unfortunately, the leaders resisted internal reform or introduced ineffective and nominal elements of modernity. Absolute monarchy, imitative and nominal modernization and detached and non-transformative tradition were pursued and, to this date, insist on clinging to the status quo. Luckily we have and underground scene too.

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The result is a warts-and-all look at America in the here and now. No easy answers but a lot of important questions — backed by kickass, Southern rock and roll.

Day Breaks is the Norah we first fell for but older and wiser. Lonnie Smith. At 18 songs, Glass Marbles is, admittedly, a lot to sift through. But Rogers hits more than he misses. October , NYC. From the most important musical artist from the Seventies and beyond.

Btw, Car Seat Headrest does an awesome version of the title song in their live show. Live, you can see him growing into his Rock God costume begrudgingly. Public Access T. As wily old dogs they sound like a good blues band and the Rolling Stones. I was. Applies here too. Money is actually cellist Alison Chesley. Dark, but beautiful. Not easy listening, but deeply touching. They seem scarier now, considering the guy about to become president, than in when Dylan wrote the song.

King… Long live the King! Action Bronson — Mr. The Other Side of Desire is proof that 35 years on, this artist is still growing.

This Aussie It Girl proves she has the goods to back up the hype on her latest disc. Before We Forgot How to Dream , her full-length debut, is utterly haunting — and even more impressive since she was only 19 when she recorded it. The autobiographical title track is my favorite. Darlingside — Birds Say Thirty Tigers 2.

He can slink and strut like the second coming of vintage Snoop Dogg. At one point, he plays the role of an estranged friend, slurring and stuttering, ranting at himself in a drunken rage. But To Pimp a Butterfly is definitely more than just a great rap record.

Its musical landscape unites a wide swath of black traditions, bridging hallucinatory funk and jagged bop, laidback boom-bap and aggressive gangsta rap. He struggles to reconcile his newfound life as a hip-hop superstar and the debt he owes to his impoverished home of Compton. And yet, the tenacious indie rock trio has never been sharper or more vital.

No rust here. When I saw them three years ago in a large theater in North Carolina, the hooded figures with huge cabinets shook the room to its foundations. They conjured distortion so thick and loud that it seemed to literally shove me down into my seat. Attila Csihar squeezed out his gnarled groans, lending haunting malevolence to the overpowering display.

Showcasing both power and subtlety, Kannon represents Sunn O at their very best. Four Phantoms is an album about horrific deaths, grisly inescapable ends. But somewhere between the enormous drum concussions and the magmatic riffs, the music finds uplift, emerging from its darkest moments with monolithic riffs that scrape the skies and throaty groans and ghostly cries that intermittently soar.

Four Phantoms is dark and uncompromisingly grim, but just as the dour vibes begin to overwhelm, it erupts into moments of triumphant beauty, fleeting gestures made all the more striking by the contrast. And when I took to social media to posit that Samantha , the free digital collection Bundick offered up via Instagram this summer, was a better album than What For? And yet, its moody coherence is exactly why Samantha grabs a spot on my list. A couple years back, Cook led a band through a rambunctious Ry Cooder tribute concert.

This proper full-length debut, featuring many of those musicians and others, finds Cook conjuring magic to rival his hero, running with wild with various roots rock traditions, recombining them as he sees fit, and doing so with an infectious audible grin. Dumbest Band Name You Blew it!

Worst Trend Labels and publicists that have stopped sending physical releases fourth year running! Dumbest Band Name Diarrheal Planet. Most Fucked Up or Annoying Trend of Whatever I sound like a broken record — pardon the pun — but once again I find myself railing against the continuing takeover of downloads and streams. Wildcard: 50 Words From or About Me At the age where a younger me might now refer to the current me as an old man, I feel both reborn and revitalized, free to express myself whatever way I please, without regard for whether my irreverence or wackiness might appear politically incorrect or sadly misconstrued.

Wussy — Attica! We Are Diva. Kino Lorber R. Birdman — Alejandro G. Inarritu, dir. Guardians of the Galaxy — James Gunn, dir. Nightcrawler — Dan Gilroy, dir. Interstellar — Christopher Nolan, dir. Get On Up — Tate Taylor, dir. Nicest Package Robert Plant, as always. Worst New Artist Overwhelmed by choices in a vast sea of dipshits. Most Fucked Up or Annoying Trend Continued American imperialistic, white supremacist, capitalistic, hetero-patriarchy.

This motherfucker put a mirror on the goddamn screen. The guitarmonies alternately sizzle and swaddle, and leader Adam Smith is suave like Bolan until he goes crazy like Bowie. Well played. Subtle touches—tinklings of glockenspiel, eerie peels of pedal steel—underpin grooves that mutate and distort across songs that last 10 and 30 minutes, none of which are wasted on Michael Gira, who shrieks and cackles with all the clear-eyed lunacy his fans have come to expect.

Hiss Golden Messenger Lateness of Dancers Merge How do you react when everything in your life is great, but the big questions still keep you up at night? The title track targets the loopy, party-loving lilt of hometown compatriots The Black Lips, instilling it with an amphetamine heartbeat and a dizzying array of twisted guitar lines.

Not bad for a record that lasts just 18 minutes. The Marines. Maybe the Navy and the Space Force will find a role to play here. Within the next thirty days. Maybe a lot sooner. Martial Law is coming to a theatre near you. The antidote is the election of Joe Biden. Martial Law? Harry Lipson III on Thirty one states are in the process of opening things up by this weekend, under pressure from President Trump, various Governors, and those who want to rev it up, as opposed to locking it down.

Lock it down. Hold the fort. Some collective resolve would probably save the lives of a whole bunch of folks who are about to open their doors and invite the corona virus in. Yep, so far, so good. Where is our collective discipline? Of course, some folks are irresponsible. Some Presidents are guilty of burying their heads in a cheeseburger, and failing to rise to this, or almost any occasion.

Plans are to keep desks at least six feet apart. This is beyond irresponsible and shortsighted. Do you need a manicure or a haircut that badly? I have never had a manicure, so I may not be qualified to speak on the subject, and I have cut my own hair and beard since , so again, maybe I fail to grasp the urgency of the moment, but with life itself in the balance, weighing the risk involved a little off the top vs death , my vote would be to look more like Moses, Jesus, and George Harrison, and let my freak flag fly.

My mantra has always been safety first. I do not have the bill collectors hounding me, or landlords pounding on my door. Trump and The Children. The Trump administration does not know how to reunite children taken at the border with their parents. According to her, they made no effort to photograph, tag, or otherwise distinguish which child belongs with which parent s.

This has been hidden from public awaremess until now. If true, and one would tend to believe it, some of, perhaps many or most of, these detained chilldren will never see their mothers or fathers again. What unimaginable, intentional, heartless cruelty. I emphatically call up Donald Trump to step down as president and accept the resignation of his entire cabinet, including Mike Pence. We are a better country than this and no amount of blaming Democrats or Congress or Immigrants themselves can wash this stain away from Donald Trump and his entire administration.

Further, I beilieve that these parents and children should be given American Citizenship for the heartache and mental anguish they have experienced at the hands of a callous and cruel Trump administration. Obviously, parents with serious prior societal offenses should be returned to their countries. Time is ticking here, children are missing their parents. We need to fix this and fix it fast. I am a news junky, first and foremost; I like to know what is going on in our world, with a particular interest in American politics, and MSNBC is my go-to network.

There was a time when CNN may have been better, but that was some years back. There are those, myself among them, who hope Joe Scarborough re-enters National Politics, and he would have my vote and my financial support, should be run for President as a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent. Andrea Mitchell is one of the best and the brightest and her daily noon hour show is must watch TV, although I DVR it most days, and watch it on a tape delay basis.

Andrea has the gravitas that few others possess. A younger version of Andrea Mitchell is Nicolle Wallace, phenomenal, dogged, super-smart, and a rising star in TV news.

Wallace asks the best questions of any anchor, on any network. She is the real deal. Ali Velsi and Stephanie Ruhle are both highly capable and eminently watchable. Rachel Maddow is quirky and wonderful and she has a huge TV fanbase. And saving the best for last, there is no anchor on network or cable television as gifted, well-spoken, and on-point as Brian Williams.

There are no Cronkites or Brokaws, but Brian Williams comes very close in my book. The 11th Hour is the best hour of the day for a news hound like myself.

Weather is an uncertain enterprise as regards to forecasting, and Bill is as good as they get. Threats from Kim are like tweets from The Donald. Bound to happen. They are an almost daily occurrence, so when Trump blurts out an ultimatum, where does that leave us, when Kim starts talking smack again? Off to war? Of course, a nuclear war would probably fire up the base. My belief is that The Vice President and the Cabinet have a moral obligation, a sacred duty, to invoke the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution and remove Trump for being unable to carry out the duties of the Office.

The assumption is that it is better to have 10 million deaths on the Korean Peninsula versus 10 million deaths in Sunny California. That is a terrible thing to say, or write, a horribly harsh truth, and I take no pleasure in stating it, but the first obligation of an American President is to protect its citizens.

So, if the threat is not a threat but an actual attack, confirmed by our intelligence services, then we cannot let North Korea hit us if we have the ability to fire our missiles first and prevent NK from striking the United States. But that decision needs to be made by a very sane person, in close coordination with sane Generals, and we need a president who can differentiate between an imminent nuclear attack versus a threat, and be able to take into full account what the Top Brass is telling him.

I hope that Pence can tell the difference, but I am nearly certain that Donald Trump cannot. Given the budding Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela, I think that pulling the electric plug on the iconic neon Citgo Sign in Boston would show our solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

I call on the mayor of Boston, and those in authority, to adopt my suggestion. Harry Lipson Aug 1, As a former Eagle Scout who attended a Jamboree Summer of , it was a treat to see President Lyndon Johnson when he addressed us so long ago. Tonight, Donald Trump was, as usual, off base in his speech to the Scouts, who he treated like they were the Junior Chamber of Commerce. He gave his typical campaign rally speech, denigrating the Free Press as Fake News, badmouthing Hillary, President Obama, and the Democratic Party, and made his infamous, baseless claim regarding his huge Electoral College landslide.

The Trump Situation as of

Roots Tribe Records is a Roots Reggae/Dub label from the Netherlands, founded by Tim Baumgarten aka Slimmah Sound in

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  1. Sagal says:
    Easy Star All-Stars’ seminal Radiodread here. This is the LP which arguably sits at the top of the pile of reggae-rock crossbreeds. Along with a superstar set of collaborators - Horace Andy, Toots & The Maytals and Sugar Minott to name but three - the Easy Stars set about tackling Radiohead’s OK Computer inna dub style for this outing.
  2. Mele says:
    Misplaced faith is one of the maladies of the end of the millennium, and this cleverly written indie rocker from the acclaimed "TVue Lovers Of Adventure" album says it all in its truly inspired chorus: "Mayl*e it's CD singles equally appropriate for morH N.Y 1Q Countiv singles should be wnl new wave in this "Blue Monday.".
  3. Kagakazahn says:
    The Roots - Kool On (Lyrics) Ft. Greg Porn & Truck North [Undun Album Quality] [Undun Album Quality] by LupeKendrickKRITCole. [Deleted video] The Roots - I Don't Care ft. Dom the roots - Singing Man (Feat. Porn, Truc - Rising Down by HarmL0v3r. The Roots- "Break You Off" Angela Mao Tribute by MoRobi The Roots-The.
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    Listen to the_roots | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. New York. Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from the_roots on your desktop or mobile device.
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    Roots revival, a trend which This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Roots music. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Last edited on 18 May , at Content is available under CC BY-SA unless.
  6. Mikarisar says:
    Billboard Online, Attention: Lorl Bennett Broodway, 15lh tl., NY, NY Phone: ilerial R&B Aswad Returns By Way Of Europe New Mesa Set Finds Trio Exploring Its Roots IBY REYNOLDS J.R. LOS ANGELES—When Mesa ords drops "Rise And album from veteran reggae Asw-ad, will it existing beginnings.".
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    Sign-up for User Accounts. Choose this option if you are looking to change your band/artist information, want detailed tracking information on bands/artists, or get radio station contact information.
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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Roots - The Roots Come Alive at Discogs. Complete your The Roots collection/5().
  9. Nikolkis says:
    When The Foreign Exchange released its debut album, Connected, in , the experience felt like a sigh of relief: For Phonte Coleman, it was a break from the brand of Little Brother, the then-buzzing, traditionalist rap trio suddenly saddled with the task of saving all hip-hop.

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